Working from home has become the new normal, but setting up an efficient workspace can be a challenge. Enter the innovative Workstick, a vertical workstation designed to transform any corner of your home into a functional office space.

Redefining Home Workspaces

The Workstick reimagines home workspaces by allowing you to turn a section of a wall or an open space into your office. This versatile, mobile, and functional system doesn’t consume valuable floor space.

Customizable and Convenient

Workstick’s modularity lets you customize your workspace with ease. Add or remove shelf modules to create a tailored working area. Need extra storage? Attach the storage module. Want better lighting? Add the lighting module. The possibilities are endless.

Stay Charged and Well-Lit

Charging your laptop is effortless with the Workstick’s power supply module, equipped with a USB port. It also powers the lighting module, ensuring a well-lit workspace.

Mobility and Ease

Designed for mobility, Workstick has hidden wheels, allowing you to effortlessly move it to your desired location. Adapt to changing environments with ease.


Workstick offers a flexible and adaptable approach to home office setups. Say goodbye to traditional desks and embrace the future of versatile, mobile working at home with Workstick.


  1. Can I attach multiple storage modules to the Workstick?
    • Yes, you can attach multiple storage modules to increase your workspace’s storage capacity.
  2. Is assembly required for the Workstick?
    • Minimal assembly is required, with clear instructions provided.
  3. What is the maximum weight the Workstick can support?
    • The Workstick can support up to 50 pounds, suitable for most office essentials.
  4. Can I adjust the height of the Workstick?
    • The Workstick’s height is not adjustable, but its modularity allows customization.
  5. Is the power supply module compatible with all laptops?
    • The power supply module is equipped with a standard USB port and can charge most laptops with USB-C or USB-A charging ports.

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